Certified Bella "Black" Edges (357752602657)
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Certified Bella "Black" Edges

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  • moisturizing/conditioning treatment containing temporary black hair color.
  • Use this product to instantly conceal gray regrowth areas and to make edges and thinning hair spots noticeably fuller immediately.
  • can easily be applied to eyebrows, hairlines, sideburns, new hair growth, and thinning spots throughout the hair.
  • smells amazing, washes right out and does not stain skin or scalp.

THIS IS NOT A EDGE CONTROL ✨Pair it with our Certified Bella Pomade for full and sleek edges. 

Ingredients: aqua, ceteareth-20, castor oil, glycerl cocoat, sharamixDMP, jojoba oil, fragrance, CL 77499

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