Good Hair Reset ☀️ Shampoo & Conditioner Set

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“Good Hair Reset” features two products created to CLEANSE and HEAL the scalp and we sprinkled a little love in each ☺️💕

Good Hair Shampoo-

Meet our medicated head honcho. This soothing cleanser gets to the root of dandruff (flaking, irritation, dry scalp), thanks to our star active ingredients; Ginger, and Ginseng . Proven to also reduce hair breakage by 30% - and it’s bound to elevate your mood. Scientifically-formulated to work best with our Good Hair Conditioner which is why we made it a “set” ☺️

Good Hair Shampoo duties

  • Removes flakes
  • Controls dandruff irritation
  • Improves hair nutrition

Good Hair Conditioner-

Our daily conditioner is packed with luxe ingredients that’ll leave your hair feeling silky fresh, and healthy while working behind the scenes to soften and moisturize. This conditioner can definitely be used to co-wash in between washes because ginger naturally cleanses the scalp.

Good Hair Conditioner duties

  • Moisturizes scalp & hair
  • Softens hair
  • Promotes circulation to encourage hair growth
  • Reduces breakage
  • Reduces tangling
  • Helps prevent split ends

Good Hair Shampoo 300ml

Good Hair Conditioner 300ml

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