4 Things You Should Know About Your Natural Hair

When it comes to hair care products, hair care regiments and just everything about natural hair in general the most important thing is to know about YOUR hair. We've put together a list of 4 things we believe all naturalistas should be educated about when it comes to their crowns.


1) Hair Porosity 

It's necessary to know the porosity level of your hair to get the most out of your curl routine. Hair porosity refers to your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture.

2) Finding hair products that work best for you

I'm sure we are all guilty of buying a product that we've heard or seen worked for someone else but when trying it on our hair it didn't work the same or at all. This is when tip number one comes into play knowing your porosity will work. Ingredients also play a big role, we recommend products that contain alot of nuts and natural oils in them these seem to work great for all hair types.

3) Length isn't everything

I know we all want to have long hair, but long hair isn't everything. Simply having long hair means nothing if its not healthy. The healthy of your hair is what matters most. Healthy Hair is happy hair. Holding on to dead hair can really affect your hairs healthy which is why trims are essential to healthy hair and healthy hair growth. We highly recommend our Scalp oil treatment for all naturalistas on a healthy hair journey.

4) Your hair is beautiful 

Avoid comparing your hair texture to another persons hair texture. Don't worry about how tight or loose your curls are, be happy with your curls. Every hair texture is beautiful!

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