Nartural Hair Hacks! 3 things to make your natural hair journey not so bad

Nartural Hair Hacks! 3 things to make your natural hair journey not so bad

Natural hair is sometime labeled as nappy or hard to manage. From combs breaking, tired arms, and running into problems finding good hair products its safe to say Natural hair is a second job. Overall it's so worth it. We have put together 3 Hacks that will help you on your journey.


Finding good edge control and hair gel is essential to your journey. Gel helps tame your hair including frizz, and can define curls and many styles. Edge control is what's going to lock that baby down and keep you held up all day.

We recommend these hair gels: Eco Styler, Mielle Organics, and DIY flax seed gel.

For edge controls we recommend: Certified Bella Pomade (no seriously its amazing)


Who says you cant switch up your natural and protective styles as much as you would like? Doing the same styles can make you irritated with your journey. Variety is important and the world is getting creative, let Pinterest and YouTube be your bestfriend when it comes to switching it up.


Overall hydrated hair is easier to detangle, style and more. Dry and or brittle hair is hard to style can cause breakage and will just flat our irritate you amongst your journey. #WeHaveAllBeenThere Before achieving any style its a must you add hydration to your tresses. A good way to do so is to use a spray bottle with yout favorite oils, conditioner, and water this concoction can be used to refresh your hair daily. The loc method is popular as well. The perfect oil to use is our Scalp therapy oil it combines all the best oils used for hair in one. 


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