why you should do Length checks

why you should do Length checks

Everyone has their own hair care regiments. Do you know if your efforts are paying off and not actually doing the opposite by slowing your growth down? The only way to find out the answer to this question is by doing a length check. 


By doing a length check you can see first hand if your methods are working. We spend time researching, watching other naturals, buying many products we practically owe it to ourselves to see if it's working. Seeing progress can be very encouraging! On the other hand learning that your regiment isn't working lets us know it's time to switch up and try something new. A lot of naturals spends lots on products simply because they are not paying attention to their hair like they should. A inch of hair growth might not be noticeable to the naked eye, if you don't track your growth you could miss this accomplishment and think what you're doing isn't working which it actually is. 


Guess what? Length checks are fairly easy. If you have curls you can gently pull a small section of your curls down in different parts of your head and measure where it goes (we recommend you do this once a month). Some naturals that don't straighten their hair often straighten their hair from time to time just to see how long their hair really is. Length check tees work well also.


Overall keep in mind your hair growth journey is just that A JOURNEY. We wish you guys the best on your journey and will aim to keep providing you with tips, encouragement and AWESOME products to help aid you on your journey.



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