About Us

Founded in Tulsa, OK 💗 Certified Bella Beauty is the first African American Hair brand out of Tulsa to be sold and featured around the world. Tulsa, OK is home of the first Black Wall Street in America meaning the first place in America where African Americans had their own functional community after slavery. The company was started in 2016 by a 19year old by the name of Whisper Smith who had a passion for hair and beauty.

She believes beauty starts with health. Healthy hair is beautiful! What you use in and on your hair matters and we at Certified Bella Beauty strive to create and provide the best products for sleek and beautiful styles while keeping healthy hair in mind. We want you too feel Beautiful, Confident, and so much more when using any of our AMAZING beauty products. Our goal is to promote confidence in women around the globe starting with their crown. 

  • Outstanding customer service
  • A compelling shopping experience 
  • Hair products that do exactly whats advertised