Good Hair Collection

The good hair collection was created with HEALTHY/GOOD hair in mind. When you look back in history we had beautiful and healthy natural hair way before chemicals came about, we relied on natural resources to slay. In this day and age so many companies and people are coming out with so many different things when hair care can really be simple. 

I lived in Atlanta 2019 and met a girl from Trinidad 🇹🇹 

Stassi created her own skin and hair products with recipes she learned from her family doctor because medicine she was prescribed didn't heal her skin conditions. She started making me my own hair care products and I was hooked. My natural curl pattern came back, I no longer suffer with dandruff and dry curls and I can honestly notice the difference in my hairs health. After using these products I haven't went back to extensions and wigs I absolutely fell in love with my natural hair again; it's manageable, I hardly ever experience breakage now, and don't get me started on the length!  Creating a new product for the masses takes time and a lot of learning a year later it’s perfected and READY. 


Stassi is also working on her own brand catered to skincare